Diamond Sarah dent offers Jenny bought 3 million fitness center with 8 messages

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Diamond Sarah dent offers Jenny bought 3 million fitness center with 8 messages
Diamond Sarah dent offers Jenny bought 3 million fitness center

Diamond Sarah dent offers Jenny bought 3 million fitness center

Diamond Sarah dent offers Jenny bought 3 million fitness center with 8 messages even to fire fighters.
Diamond Sarah j dent reveals here pay 3 million. 8 things not to say to the media, plus refused to talk one-on-one–talking through lawyers throughout. After this, their request to release their best fighters are the ones built with hands, not just the tenant. Don’t say that yours truly, but also refused to face the coming talk.

As the outstanding issues and to issues of dispute samaetyim of diamond Sarah j 911byJT dent and here that although Andrea PHO TIEN both sides will come out in the press conference in front of several media offices, but I see that there appears to be are not clear because. Jenny girl candle PHO came out gold press release stating that it will pay 3 million diamond Sarah Dent, Wong Aristocrat on request but later diamond Sarah dent. specify that here there are even more text messages that mainstream media [read news release: release 3 million cash purchase of diamond Sarah dent did not reveal Jenny deals with even more, but mainstream media click]

Last July 19 diamond Sarah dent 2559. update such issues up again. By now the problem is not the same, in which case the gel here. 3 million paid behaviors tell them not just money to 3 million alone, but with even a lot more, like to give their thanks and sorry j news conference here via media, which as of today, it still does.
The section details the other j-here, the way a lawyer is somebody talk forever. The section itself, at first, it was believed that things gel here say is a sister together. Identity, I think that if it starts to come together in the first place, it seems to talk about. A little better, but the gel to confirm, through lawyers, which, if passed, will give a talk on their lawyers lawyer side is people talking the same talk is also not.

Respect, even 8. Their not. By then, the old contract is no fee, but you’ll keep up with the global. The summary is to remove all the old contract and the new contract with or? So it’s not fair. Now, their needs will be straightforward fair wanted to chop each other clearance does not want to meddle, or what problems, then let the lawyer talk, it’s going to chop, but not that come to visit various sightseeing spots by request here will get more?


It does not contain any side despite what back toward the shore, Jake here. They have simply not received such messages, because even 8 past their inherited a lot, and even many j here say. They have no proof, but he side. He just wanted to find out if we breach it okay to accuse their mind, but as of now they don’t ask what the fighters already. Their request comes out and then make it better to chop.
On the subject of clear together, now their wish to open the chest, straight talk is probably the easiest to finish. If it does not come out straight talk, it don’t come together is respectable, but also said they don’t plan to cut the brother cut with Jenny. Everyone knows that he is a man? People in the industry know that their is someone out?

For fitness, it must also address the when a builder. This is not just a tenant, but as of today, just their mouth said. Their images, see and Despite the fact that they don’t dare say anything more. Now it wants the contract agreement. Which, if it came with their old contracts But why is this episode that the contract is voided, the old raekbok, which they believe?

If asked whether, after this if work together again. In the part of playback theatre then. Their average professional enough. But on the subject of doing business together. They don’t do anymore, but fitness comes a year and recently notrang to just three months, he/she will be vanished for reasons nothing to say that despite their drug trade, rent contract or is not received? Now look at the new address, but it is not easy. Because of the need to look at another thing to buy a home, not just for a day, two days, and then look at all. Need to see another old time still not cleared. Cash is still not profitable, it must gradually be back gradually to everything is all about money.

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