The hospital was closed to patient Department fire spirits

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The hospital was closed to patient Department fire spirits
hospital was closed

hospital was closed

The hospital was closed to patient Department fire spirits Russians patients be worm China horror.
Hospital in Romania were closed the patient Fire Department. The latter is the Russians around the world by releasing a video online, in person, while patients were shockers, worms, flies a lot of Chinatown. Feed according to burn the inflammation.

Mirrored Web site July 20 2559 The disclosure of the video clip, from the hospital, one of the shockers in Bucharest. Country Romania Image appears the patient injury due to accident, fire breathing sleeping patient bed ruairin. There are thousands of bandages around the draft excluded the neck until it was opened, revealing wounds, fire and insect samples are plump couch China eat a bite.


Reports indicate that after the video clip has been published to the world online. By the local news agency, the owner of one of Romania. However the hospital was ordered closed from surgery and burn to determine health.

In addition, a report from local media also revealed that the patient, who appeared in the video clip had died down later. By the Director of the hospital came out denying the solid sound that the patient has not died because infected by worms, flies, indeed.
However, the This hospital is known as the place where the most dirty medical service. Then, after which patients were injured from a fire in a nightclub last year 2558 sent to such hospitals, and gradually died vortex at a later time, the people in the hospital were revealed by anonymous that they actually died because of an infection within the hospital. Not because of the ulcers of any fires.


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