America flaunt click the ISIS buem bombs hit pachom once

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America flaunt click the ISIS buem bombs hit pachom once
America flaunt click

America flaunt click

America flaunt click the ISIS buem bombs hit pachom once and for all the 5-point demolition bars.
Ministry of defence of a u.s. air strike in revealing click pachom Syria bombing but sweep the base smooth with ISIS 5-point to show off, click paphon work that broke into the terrorist intervention by ISIS, which was sailing a fleet of high speed precise microscopically.

2559 site deli, mail, July 21 The disclosure of the video clips published online via the Ministry of Defense of United States, which is the wotphon clip job to oppose terrorists with explosive weapon that’s rattling saber of the ISIS Group page a drum in the air raid only once.


The event occurs when the video clips in the past July 5. Nearby, city of Maan Bigelow Syria country. By the bombing of the U.S. military once ISIS Base to sweep up to 5 points in all their splendour.

While another click The video, which is equally as dramatic events that occurred in the past July 7 battle of permanent solution (Operation Resolve Inherent) do the terrorist plan, intervention of ISIS by attacked vehicles, high speed life. But the army fired once only. It is believed that cars can be easily and precisely. This event occurs at near Valencia lead Iraq country.

However, the side, human rights organizations have come out to condemn the severe air attack of the United States that the attack this time killed and abused its people, innocent people, in the village of Tokhar and Hoshariyeh to many, because the village is located near the base of ISIS and is controlled by a group of terrorists to such raiklum. Total deaths have up to approximately 56 list of countless injuries.


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