The boy was drowned 8 minute long died. When swimming in schools

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The boy was drowned 8 minute long died. When swimming in schools
8 minute long died

8 minute long died

The most sad! 8 years teenage boy drowned while swimming lesson after school for up to 8 minutes the doctor tried to regroup but was not successful.

This morning’s story list 2559 July 27, channel 3 reported that yesterday (July 26). At about 16.30 p.m. incident. Chor Sun (RPG) 2nd grade student Drowned in the swimming pool inside the school in Muang, Srisaket, approx. 8 minutes long, while a swimming lesson in quality after school.

All this after rescue officials and teachers to help the Sun…, it helps the heart pump before attempting to bring to the hospital. When I got to the hospital. Your doctors and nurses were trying to pump the heart for almost an hour by a heart stimulant, and encouraging full pressure with all the pulse of the even intubation. Chor Sun back again but Sun.. don’t feel the doctor and nurses decided to discontinue life support.
Subsequently, Police officer. Meung Sisaket have interrogated those involved know that before the incident occurred. Chor Sun came swimming in quality after school to wait for parents to come get back home, where the school has organized training activities, swimming every day already. In between the kids. Swimming lessons to officers who dominated the pool as swimming instructors will take care of forever.
And during the accident.. have a swim with friends, it appears that 2015 Sun has sunk under the pool for about 8 minutes before the officials and teachers come together a body of 2015 Sun comes up on the edge of the pool and has first aid before the hospital.

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