The strange traditions. Hiring male sex with girls to wash Repeating his shock as AIDS!

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The strange traditions. Hiring male sex with girls to wash Repeating his shock as AIDS!
strange traditions

strange traditions

Open stories invite NG from Malawi 40-year-old son, AIDS, but keep quiet hiring have sex with girls, ages vary, according to the girl’s flesh folk want it to wash your body’s daughter after the first menstruation. If not, it’ll suffer sickness, until all lives home.

2559 BBC News Agency July 21 stories best impression that happened in faraway lands example Malawi. Why was born in one of the villages in the district, Eun Sun gel (Nsanje) in southern Thailand. This is a man called career interesting topology, that is, the contractor has sex with teen girls, girl or boy aged beef, cracked rail 12-13 years old.

This originated from the belief of the people that need to send my daughter, to have sex with cute Hi-Yi, to purify the body, immaculate after menstruation for the first time in 3 days if not follow this story isn’t good with family or suffer sickness killed.


The BBC travelled to interview. Named Eric (Eric Aniva), new-age, around 40 years old, revealed that he is one of the top ten Hi interesting topology of the village had ever had sex with girls came, 104 or rail may be more than this, but not sure because they never counted. By rail you will receive payment for 140-245 baht per time repeat the evil team also found that new HIV infections, Mr. WA for a certain period of time, but I never pakbok any customer quantity.

All this, even though it is a tradition that long succession, but Teresa Kamal Shin da Moto (Theresa Kachindamoto), head of the women of the village. Trying to ban child advocacy activities because of this aborted foreseen that the fucking is not voluntary, of girls and HIV infections, AIDS, too.
However, on July 26, BBC News Bureau 2559, it revealed a recent report that the police have access to arrested by order of the President, Mr. Peter Aniwa Moose East of Riga (Peter Mutharika) who is assigned to the police monitoring this story the most rigorous.

Photos from ha.rfi, Facebook, Arthur Peter Mutharika


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