20 q rheumatic suspect land and building tax

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20 q rheumatic suspect land and building tax

20 q rheumatic suspect land

20 q rheumatic suspect land

Join us as we help answer tax suspected land and building new giving to know before actually used in the future for the benefit of the tax of the people.


Valerian, because when the Cabinet June 7 2559 agree in principle to the draft Act, tax, land and buildings, new edition, according to the Ministry of finance proposed with an aim to replace the Tax Act reduce the inequality of society and make the taxmore fairness and to make people understand the principles of the draft Act it. The Ministry of Finance has prepared 20 questions, tax, land and buildings, to respond to any questions and to educate interested parties before the draft land and buildingTax Act will take effect in the future.


1. land and building tax is a tax is a new category that will be used to store the additional tax due on other types of tax revenue, the Government is not adequate to theexpenditure of the Government? ?


Answer to non-land and building tax is a tax is a new category that will be used, stored, instead of the tax, and the tax that local governments (for practical reasons only). Stored in the current income. From taxation land and buildings will all be of practical reasons only. To be used in the development of the local area without takingit as income or revenue of the Government of the land.
Answer tax act b.e. 2475 and land tax act b.e. 2508 that is legal issuance for a long time. “ Making the storage of tax and tax and limits on the tax base. Tax rates and tax deductions that are not consistent with the circumstances. Currently, making practical reasons only. There is not enough revenue to local development, the Governmentmust allocate a budget to subsidize more.


1. land and housing taxes.


Tax base the annual fees or rental fees per year in tax assessment, therefore, redundant with income tax rent property. Annual evaluation of staff‘s absolute discretion. In determining the appropriate rental rents in one year. In addition, the tax rate is very high, it is defined, is 12.5 percent of the annual fee, or equivalent to half a monthrental.


2. the tax that


The tax base is not at present because of the use of the land, which is typically priced must update every 4 years, but today still use moderately priced land tax assessment year 2521 (1978) and yet has 2524 (1981) reduction of land tax calculation that is many.


Tax rates are determined by the class of moderately priced land to 34 floors, and are characterized by recession, high-value land tax rates, the average tax lower than low-value land.


3. the imposition of land and buildings is expected to have benefits?




1. reduce the disparity people with high-value assets are liable to pay tax to more than those who have low value assets, which will cause the fairness and reduce the inequality in society.


2. increase efficiency.


-Reduce the discretion of officials in the tax assessment.
Encourage the owners of land utilization in the land effectively.
Reduce land speculation to hoard, including inducing land distribution.


3. increase revenue.


Practical reasons only. There is enough income to be used to finance and manage public service quality to the public in the greater area.


4. promote participation.


Urging residents there to verify the implementation of practical reasons only. If they have to collect taxes fairly and thoroughly, including track spending for tax, which taxes from people in the area to local development effectively and to meet the needsof the people or not.
Answer to the owner of the land and buildings. The condominium owners and occupiers or exploitation of the land or a building that is the property of the State.


5. the agency responsible for collecting taxes?


The municipal administration reply Bangkok and Pattaya City.


6. tax exempt assets land and buildings include what type of property?


Respond to property tax exemption to various property contains. As follows:


1. the public property of the land.
2. the Crown property that benefits.
3. the property of the State or of State authorities used in State or local government agency or business in public without use of benefits.
4. the hearings as to the Office of the United Nations. The specialized agencies of the United Nations or another international organization, country Thailand has obligations, except for tax treaty or agreement.
5. property that is made to the Embassy or Consulate of the foreign country based on reciprocity, and connectivity.
6. the Red Cross Thailand‘s property.
7. property that is not that of any religious treasures. Specific benefits.
8. property that is used as a public cemetery or crematorium by the public benefit in return.
9. the assets belonging to the Foundation or organization that engages the public. This is the specific term.
10. private property, only the part of the Government agreeing to provide the use for the benefit of the general public or private property that has been used for the benefit of the general public by the owner of the property or?
Exploitation on the assets.
11. global estate condominium law and land which, as utilities legal.
Directive on the allocation of land to a commercial.
12. assets as defined
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