The latest bus the taxi driver ultimate surrender shove crumpled ruins

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The latest bus the taxi driver ultimate surrender shove crumpled ruins
taxi driver ultimate surrender shove crumpled ruins

taxi driver ultimate surrender shove crumpled ruins

The latest bus the taxi driver ultimate surrender shove crumpled ruins. Request for clearance, but the exposed teeth-Chase from Korat yan Bangkok.
The latest bus the taxi driver ultimate surrender to shove crumpled erosion! Open the skirt hit the windscreen cracked but exposed tooth clearance request until the blood bath. Best revenge driven by bus from Khorat Chase yan Bangkok last much blood the dark page, until the boy pumps in. Police confident side as the villains.

2559 potektueng Foundation officials received August 2 outs with those injured from the tooth face within the PTT vibhavadi-Rangsit road, laksi intersection before the arrivals after informed, so hurry to check.


When I got to the scene also found a red taxi registration 6822 มฉ Bangkok. Different page breaking bonnet doors open; Side view mirror dropped on both sides that close together. Srg. 3rd Wiradet Tanwiset, age 65 years, chauffer did a taxi driver in a condition where the injury is of the cuts into the left ear since the end of the page length down to the Chin, about 5 inches and has the blood flood, which officials have provided help made the initial incision. Before the hospital is a waste because a lot of blood.
However, from a preliminary investigation. Srg. 3rd Wiradet, claimed that before the accident he drove back from errands at. And when it comes to the range of Chaiyaphum, Nakhon. T. Klang Dong Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, approximately one hit it was a tour bus ran ahead in the left channel. Their registration is not remembered, but knows that is the company’s famous tour by bus, it has driven their cars huddled until the side-view mirror on the left side and bonnet, it turned out, and while the car is running, it has to open bonnet came into the strike the windshield until the scatter. Their acceleration had overtaken so Park the car driver spoke of damages but when parking and tour bus it has driver and 1 female 1 male child is down but OK. Then the driver has picked up a knife, sword, about 1 foot long, teeth into their face and then hurry up and drive the car escape. Can be followed all the way and when it reaches the vibhavadi Rangsit road. Their four-car range, near the gas stop. Before leaving the track, but occurs very dark because of the bloody page. The children informed authorities pump to help bring to the hospital.
While the police officer. Thung song Hong, said that the wall itself has acknowledged the story then, but rescue personnel must be brought to the hospital before, because the very bloody. Preliminary found that such an event happened in pakchong, but it must show that it happened at a point exactly? If the victim came to a stop at the wall it just two meadows confirmed daily record only. The subject of the proceedings, it must give space to such responsibility, and as the others came down. Based on the belief that punishment is not difficult, because during the recent expulsion of the together. There are a variety of street CCTV, but it wants to encourage people to visit, a stop in the damaged area before work best.

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