Baby said Huang Xiaoming and little hope as soon as possible and have children

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Baby said Huang Xiaoming and little hope as soon as possible and have children

Baby said Huang

Baby said Huang

Tencent entertainment news (text/Shao Deng) on June 13, Angelababy debut in Xiamen for the endorsement of a brand platform, Baby say, their phone would secretly keep Idol Quan Zhilong photos, Huang Xiaoming phone will save who photos, Baby said with a smile: “Lin Yun. “When small asked baby,Baby said:” as soon as possible! ”

Want to play ugly women also want to be boys tease girls

Conference play a video, Baby back, small meat served as a class teacher, talks about his school times, Baby said she was a tomboy short hair, because there is no right to choose a long hair. She also revealed that he had eaten earlier, chips in the classroom, even instant noodles soaked in the classroom.

Baby wearing a tube top dress debut the same day, it is graceful and moving, although has been styling is good, but Baby said he actually wanted to challenge is the role of “clown woman”, because the “because it’s free, what do? “Site users to the Baby question, said:” If the boys want to do most, “Baby said:” I think the boys should I become very handsome, most wanted to tease sister, would choose a big breasted girl with long legs as a girlfriend, to experience. “In this regard, the Facilitator, Li said” good dirt. ”

Exposing have four or five days without washing my hair as soon as possible and have children

Launches in the, Baby tie theme big play expression package imitation game, “school you don’t go”, and “baby heart bitter”, grandiose of expression was she imitation have vivid, Baby revealed, himself phone in on collection has many Quan Zhilong of expression package, to not let Huang Xiaoming see jealous, she also will Idol of photos set into private album, Baby also revealed: “if he also has private album, should are is Lin Yuner of’s. ”

Asked how long can accept not washing, Baby admitted when not in need to get out and see people often don’t take care of myself: “I actually up over four or five days without a shampoo, Mr WONG does not matter, I feel he is a bit stuffy. “When the moderator asked about having a baby, Baby that she and Huang Xiaoming busy after marriage, the two men have little:” I hope as soon as possible. “Return to Tencent Home >>

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