lip flop, officials post insulting tongue! kids say lost mobile pump until the seminar

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lip flop, officials post insulting tongue! kids say lost mobile pump until the seminar
officials post insulting tongue! kids say

officials post insulting tongue! kids say

Flip flop is a servant to the people! “tongue posts belittles kids pump even though it apologized to owners until IM in the seminar. Telling the story wouldn’t end easily ended up the wrong person is an acceptable post, beam itself.

When the news media reported that on August 3 2559 Mr. Buntham Loetsukhikasem. Yasothon Province Governor, has called Mr. Phongsak Khensing. Post officials abusing children until the pump becoming worldwide news online, along with the Prime Minister. Water and local sheriff Kho Wang R1 join press briefing, Chiang to the media.


Both these Mr. foster commented, after which they know that and know that your post is a local water authorities in indirect, thus making their uneasy, and the Sheriff to reiterate, Kho Wang. Recommended posts people lets go tool such a sorry victim until the last note that victims forgive and request this,

However, reporters noted that during the first News Conference of the Government say that has not posted the message because the phone when several days before and already with police. The post seems to be a phone, so a post teased.

The mass media have been told why officials are not responsible for, say, just to apologize, not considered as damaged care, feeling, and if not accepted liability. The story wouldn’t end the easy part should not accept a short cut that if IM in the wrong would never end and social worlds came to dominate again anyway. Much of this is personal. Not about his possible appointment, however, exploration, and then.

The last Officials said people have accepted that people post is itself and felt bad that lie so sorry the media. Sorry people. If the sting is still mortified himself.

-Read the news: Government! compatible insult children pump vs. call sure even then, sorry.

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Photos from the story this morning.

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