Comments from a medical doctor with a chick who is living near death

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Comments from a medical doctor with a chick who is living near death
medical doctor

medical doctor

Opening comments from doctor chick lonna echo road to Nikko because the culture to be “doctor” view to changing life. After a near death every day to become.

The career doctor .., although compensation is high, however. This career requires more of a sacrifice than patience. Sometimes have to sacrifice personal time to patients also use life amid hopes of family illness. Living on a death that, when compared to the income that is received, it may not be worth much, but why, why do many doctors. Today we have an interview of “doctor chick lonna echo Andhra Nicklaus road.” Doctor who is a girl of whom many people. why to come into the doctor emergency medicine …

By page. Tales from the hospital has posted an interview with a leading part of the chick doctor. Kwanruen magazine Back to the nation. July August 5.2559 2559 when read together say the concept of doctor chick then. Warn your people as well.

“At first we don’t know ourselves what is what, until going to work at the emergency room, we felt that it was enough and then, feeling happy to meet many leather drag vs. things.

Enough to then find the charm of a doctor because he did not teach us to heal as one example. Also teaches various disaster situations were screening the patient it’s different. In the hospital, we need to see a patient at the grave before, but suppose to be in a situation of disaster, we just have to pick the ones that have the most chance of survival concept does not change.
To go to the emergency vehicle is challenging because of the feelings that we go out to the scene, perhaps, I don’t know what happens. He came first, Tel. say a patient unconscious hurt? The patient is breathing. Heart, we use finite resources, because medical devices are not equipped like the hospital address. There’s just us against the team. We must manage the basics.

History may not be fully. Like to solve crimes vs. heart patient case. No one can give a history that he is what comes first. We must try to think of why he stopped hearts dance. To let him recuperate.

The emergency room doctor soon? No noepnap In the emergency room may need a loud you are? (reng) you raise your arms, lift the SIM because emergency room is where the melee to make just knows he is nothing. Because we have many cases that must see may not have time to talk with a patient lot.
Another chick has come unexpectedly. From emergency medicine is that chick know that life does indeed. Death is very near. Young Chick thinks that death is really very old to death never imagined. Does not care sometimes life regardless of death, which it may hurt those around us or ourselves in some matters which we thought thoughts, not the ones it now let’s have another one tomorrow, it now rarely do.

But what do you make of this earlier, we just touched the dead Prince. But this one is seen almost all forms of death vs. people who believe it will die. Kids, we also die.


Come work at the emergency room saw a lot of motorcycle accidents, whether young children come to us very bad condition. Now become conscious. Say brother not want to hurry or to drive with my belt throughout the. It is close to us, a lot of these. Therefore, it should not be careless in your life.
The chick doing the good people around me more and more. A kid may temper the heat. Don’t like what it’s saying, which sometimes make people regret perhaps report back into the House. The mother told the smiling mother bit we were told to smile, why the mother chick tired. Enough, the study We see people that his parents died. He wanted to give the doctor a life long parents dispatches he wants ter time because it has not yet been answered instead, his benefactor.

First, I agree that chick very noi Death is very near now, one day we need to lose like that. Was impossible to become fearful, until at last we have a comment that escaped death not only me, but the only thing that will do is make today the best? Ever heard of this long but never bothered, but I never imagined one day that you come across a dead frequently, you’ll feel that it’s true.
Need to make today the best and not giving us the best need care around. Do good to anyone before because we don’t know 5 minutes ahead, what happens? We will not come to regret later.

Exploiting lonna chick Andhra NI Rd.
Nui da story
Kwanruen After the July issue 2559, “read the story of the doctor who magazine has the full lonna chick kwanruen nation after July 2559.

All this in the page. Specify that one advantage of stealth that common people could not imagine that was touching and get to death. Frequently, repeated every day. Make me feel my life value.
Images and information from a story from a hospital, Instagram, jeab_lalana. Kwanruen magazine After the July issue 2559


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