Understanding before the referendum of 7 August Preparing to use the permissions?

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Understanding before the referendum of 7 August Preparing to use the permissions?


Understanding before referendum Draft Constitution of August 7. Use the permissions? Preparation of samples and results from the decision to join the future countriessimultaneously.

The countdown for another few days, it doomed people, Thailand will all want to vote on whether to “referendum” or “No.” Constitution and in August 7 2559, however, believes that many people may not know why we go to the referendum and the result of the vote this time will affect the future of the country. Including the right to prepare yourself? Those living abroad are required to travel the country to go back or not. Today, we have the answer.

1. Why do I need to get the referendum–not accepted. Draft Constitution

The referendum is a “right” and the shared responsibility of people that Thailand would agree or not. For the Constitution Drafting Committee of the draft Constitution (BBL)drafted, according to the Referendum Act Act draft Constitution b.e.. 2559 did not specify the punishment for those who do not use their rights. However, keep in mind that our voting inevitably affects the future of the country.
By going to this referendum vote on two issues, namely questions.

-Approve or do not approve. Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand Vibrant Buddhist … Mr. Chairman, as a full species, Michai ruchuchai.

-Approval or not approval of issues a question more of the trailer of the national legislative Assembly, “you see, like whether or not to reform the country, continuity, according to the national strategic plan defined in the provisional article deserving ofthat during first 5 years from the date of the first Parliament by this Constitution, the Parliament’s meeting shall consider and endorse people who deserve to be appointed as Prime Minister.”

2. the referendum received-not to get a result?

For the effect to occur after the referendum If you are short, then the 4 guidelines.As follows:

-The draft Constitution “through” the question “what is” trailer as the year-end elections will have a minimum of 2560 (bbl is writing legislation 240 days).

-The draft Constitution “through” the question “what does” through the trailer to the year-end elections are a minimum of 2560, but civil society will not participate in selecting the Prime Minister, with the House of representatives.

-The draft Constitution “does not pass the” trailer “question.” Will lead to a new Constitution and may introduce the content in question comes packed in a new Constitution draft.

-The draft Constitution “does not pass the” trailer “does not question” what will pass the draft Constitution, the all-new.

By this draft Constitution, we must together decide how to “agree” or “agree” no details here click.


3. the referendum of 7 August Prepare for?
Of course, before they join the vote referendum, we should be understanding, including the analysis of the primary constitutional reasons body before deciding to vote. Then come to understand the steps and methods in the referendum. August 7 at08.00-16.00 hrs, the procedure is as follows:

-Check the contacts page or from the notice unit home.

-Provide proof of identification (using evidence is an identification card or photo identification card or expired or any other evidence of a Government or Government agency containing photo and identification number of the cardholder).

-Get the card to vote. The finger print card stub

-Mark X in the box next to “approve” or “do not agree”. The draft Constitution and in more issues.

-Folding and inserting the card chest slack

4. can the referendum outside the province?

For those who live outside the country and are eligible to vote outside the provincecan be registered for permission to vote outside the province, from May 1-30. June,which, if exceeded, will have to travel back to their district yet. Check the place to vote and having the right to vote through the.
5. who can apply rights to referendum.

-Citizenship, but Thailand Thailand nationals by citizenship. Thailand nationality must be not less than 5 years (from the date to vote.)

-Aged not less than 18 years of age on the day of vote, and on household registration in the district vote, for not less than 90 days after the date to vote.

-Not a monk or novice monks and priests

-Not between rights revoked.

-Not as individuals who are detained by the Court or by the legitimate command.

-Is not a deranged person or spirit went not assembled.
Study of information comprehensible, then don’t forget to come out to our sound.Define the future of the country in Thailand together. In a referendum August 7 at 08.00-16.00 hrs.

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