Hu Wang Zhao Liying, who can take the lead in shortage of drama

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Hu Wang Zhao Liying, who can take the lead in shortage of drama

Hu Wang Zhao Liying

Hu Wang Zhao Liying

Spring 2016 TV program trade fair in Beijing, or “push spring” is in full swing. Recently, rampant meat power, network dramas and capital involvement, subversive of the TV industry is in a speed change shocks, which makes it difficult to see the road ahead at the same time, also to unknown future full of hope.

As the movie “face play” stars, most imaging groups often reflect changes in the industry. The industry choice and audience preferences can hit it off, will decide the remaining three quarters of this year, is again a few “old”, and usher in a new wave of “fresh flowers”. During the rough they can stand it? And what simmering couple will usher in the outbreak?

Aired in the first quarter and schedule of many TV shows already this year, Tencent entertainment concludes 2016 screens cannot be missed, “Opera Star”.
2015 is the entertainment industry’s “veteran” years in 2016, they will continue “in power”.

Veteran of years of accumulated sentiment and accumulation in the show and finally they ushered in the peak of my career last year, Dong Jin, Wang Kai, and Hu, the works of the three men from 2016, they will continue to be popular, but this article does not include acts, as his most important plays of the year of the woman doctor Ming Fei biography already in the first quarter ends.


Appeared in the play: the cyclones 11 people, and the hunting grounds

Leaving Sue brother big half a year, huge momentum is as ever, acts and even take a photo, also can make people feel a “concept”.

Cooperation with predecessor Jiang Shu ying’s whirlwind 11 people soon to begin broadcasting, the other of a much-anticipated show on the hunting ground in 2016 also. Solid of the hunting grounds of the script would have been the same industry watch, reporters had heard praise of many circles big shot of the game. Director and company also announced as the theme of the hunting grounds of the modern workplace, script writing difficult as speaking of the spy lurking.

Throughout Hu’s dramas, called “classics” of the Paladin and the village is the costume list, this is not more modern themes, also failed to work for the huge open effect. But in 2016, whether in the hunting grounds rarely appears in the film “headhunters” profession, is also a football coach in cyclones, 11 people, are now in an age of hot, hot stories, hot people and holding a huge, an integral part of the internal screen quality actors to go on fire!

Kai Wang

Appeared in the play: If snails have love ‘, ‘ Ode to Joy ‘, ‘ take me out of my

Yan Hao, beautiful hands and comes with a subwoofer, the emergence of Wang, filled the overnight TV show had “a good acting, the higher Yen value” double guarantee actor gap.

After the Picks list and the pretenders, Wang in he comes, is notable in the eyes, but have to say that this show called the actor acts extended video version of photographic, for Wang’s Ascension is unlikely. In 2016, Wang will celebrate if he starred in the snails have love, is also “sweet pet hang love”, the same Ding Mo works, still designate Hong-liang team, he played detective quarter white, can be said to have had a “fire” places.

Hou Hong-liang, as love, in April, in the most important TV shows of the ODE ultimately Wang figure, even though it was a woman play, but Wang Kai and Dong Jin two temperaments, face value of both leaves, will add much to this show worth watching.

Dong Jin

Appeared in the play: the ghost blows, and the ODE

Through 2016, anhuo for many years, and finally with the pretenders among first-Dong Jin, will have a breakthrough year.

In this “network play (net) people” of the era, starring in a large IP network drama, though not yet become standard for all star, but also have attracted more and more stars. Starring Dong Jin is not the IP of the ghost blows that simple 2015 Lu Chuan’s nine-story Monster Tower and Wu ershan’s journey of the Dragon-part novel, two big films have been scrambled to the heat of “books and free” in height, and adapted according to the original film of the ghost blows are vacant.


Personally by the trader of the picks lists to create the ghost blows out of not only “with top actors, top network drama” pronouncements, as the “National Opera-front” Hou Hongliang is to ensure that this network drama of the original work to restore up to 80%! Watched two movies, only to see the Red Hou and the Liao dynasty tombs in the original party finally eased, “fine vast ancient city” an essential element in the novel the ghost blows hard goods will be the first time in the history of television! Then, as the ghost blows absolute male who plays first, Hu Army Day, Dong Jin was affected by the degree of interest and look forward to!

In addition, in terms of traditional TV, Dong Jin referred to the previous text of the ODE and play a lot of female first name, quite exciting.
(B) the last burst of red “meat flower” this year will be the biggest potential

Of course, who can hit and isn’t something that can be calculated by the formula. Open in 2015 year make predictions, I am afraid that few can guess Yang Yang, Wu Lei and dilireba, “flower and grass” a night of Red burst. However, by the year 2016, they’ve become the TV industry cannot be ignored one of the forces nouvelles.

Stature and fame after years of Yang Yang and Wu Lei in savings, the key is, both after the vvv is the longer the looks! And equally high face values dilireba, by virtue of the carat lovers that goofy actress role after fame, are constantly expanding their own business.

The last screen “explosions”, will be the biggest potential this year, the next step is how what is most looking forward to.

Yang Yang

Appeared in the play: the smiled a little,

2015 is Yang Yang broke out of a year, inadvertently, when that little gem “jump” into a 180 big handsome boy.

The juvenile four caught more than a year has finally launched, Yang Yang got out of hand, first in the big screen in the left ear shows a perfect beauty and variety shows in the flowers and young showed exquisite and intimate side, followed by the cool stand notebook cyclone. Yang Yang marching all the way along with Gu Man’s popular novel, smiled a little, and open a new chapter in 2016.

Earlier, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang smiled during the filming of the stills have attracted attention. As one of moviedom’s most dedicated IP author, according to Gu Man novels, the quietness and the Shanshan eating adaptations of TV series allowed viewers to see the works of Gu Man holding strength, aimed at youth of smiled University life, stories of the games industry rely on, let the show and Yang Yang have the guarantee of more fire.


Appeared in the play: ten/a III of the peach and the ladder of love, of the six doors

Starring Clarke before the lovers, dilireba chances are few corner by Helen Gao became popular, shows actor touched on how important roles.

But will a type played to extreme, except for actor playing Shang very high of identification degrees zhiwai, its side effects is also will brings must of limitations, like is broadcast of love of stepped, hot BA of role and Helen Gao on is is similar, for actor for, this is not good phenomenon, so, audience also more looks forward to she in three three world ten in peach in the of performance.

Despite the show’s protagonist is the wife of Yang, but J PA starred in “universal bahuang second stunning” chicken definitely let audience expectations. Previously has relied on high face value show off crazy hot bar, the real “show-off” pretty picture when it’s only theater.

Wu Lei

Appeared in repertoire: notes of the Shan Hai Jing, the odd star

At age 17, Wu Lei, juice of a tender age, anyone can make a mistake of age, but frequently selected to the role. The Picks list of Fei Liu, the son of Qin’s moon baby, a cute, a tragic, are fans loved the role.

Currently being broadcast show of the week in the Shan Hai Jing, Wu Lei plays one of the Suzaku seven mansions, local gods. Some may think that the age of reason, Wu Lei is difficult to receive lead playing, it would be wrong. In fixing the odd star keep fresh coat of horses in the juvenile, Wu Lei to turn did man first!

Wu Lei’s business, perhaps best not to, but heat in 2016, he should go up and never down

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