Fire department store Lee smart bomb from 1 km 100 billion baht expected to waste haikwa

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Fire department store Lee smart bomb from 1 km 100 billion baht expected to waste haikwa
Fire department store Lee smart bomb

Fire department store Lee smart bomb

The accident was a fire “Lee Super Mart wholesale” page, the central train station, the city of Trang. Away from the chutlop bomb CenterPoint market 1 km preliminary controls have already. Expected value haikwa damage 100 million baht. Side officials cause acceleration.

Today (August 12 2559) reported that at around 3.00 p.m. past. The accident was a fire department store. Super Mart wholesale department store, Lee, which is a large 3 storey commercial building. In front of the Trang railway station T. Tubby, noon Municipality of Trang. CenterPoint market that threatened to bomb yesterday (August 11 2559) about 1 km, making the officials have to mobilize more than 20 fire trucks spray deodorants why until can control fire. Without any reported injury and loss of life
Matt พ.ต.อ. Tina employee Marisol welfare doctoral a. Meung Trang. It also revealed that fire causes could not be concluded whether what is associated with previous bombings in the area or not. Which is now Commander of the provincial police region 9 station commander of Trang Province police were ordered to set the stage? The various checkpoints to prevent and care for people’s safety.


From the query Nguat 65 years of age, Mr. Hengchuan, security officials said at the time of 3.00 a.m. smoke smell their floating from the top of buildings and hear bombs several times before to see the flame rises come out.
For the Department store as it is a 3 storey commercial building, which is the last layer is the general store & supermarket. By floor scene at 2nd floor is full of shops selling clothes, and the top floor as a godown. Preliminary damage assessment officer haikwa value 100 million baht.

Photo from Twitter @TNAMCOT

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