Click pwinathi Manager Tang ruthlessly extinguish pain no.9 1 1 Kafka, friends hospital

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Click pwinathi Manager Tang ruthlessly extinguish pain no.9 1 1 Kafka, friends hospital
Manager Tang ruthlessly extinguish pain

Manager Tang ruthlessly extinguish pain

Open, click pahetukan Nurse Assistant grabbed the knife stabbing pain 1 colleagues why the controversy because the jealous boyfriend before stabbing a colleague who came to prohibit death 1.

2559 August 17 police officers Makkasan wall. Control of the Ms. Chu Kusuma tanned aged 20 years nursing assistant. Petchaburi District Hospital, bangkapi After using the knife, stabbing weapons, troublemaker Palladium hit miss mo Ali 21 years and colleagues, which is the case until you get injured and stabbed Ms. Jaruwan Huatsi, age 9 years old colleagues who came to prohibit, until death.


From the investigation, Ms. Kusuma Squeak that is true because it is not satisfied, a couple jealous boyfriend before the scene is at the end of the working day in which their case and to scan the finger but a stroke. it shoulder bump. To slap a hit later A friend of Ms. Jaruwan, in which the parties litigant the incoming runner banned. Their fight began to feel not so whip out a knife stabbing to the litigant, but Ms. Jaruwan ran into entering a knife thrust intended-free so that the chest until death. Then their is a knife and walked to the waiting before the finger up to the police officers at the out-patient Department. But I do not know whether the stabbing case, because this is perpetuated? Enough, it came to know a couple cases it pierced and then.

Preliminary notification for police officers Mayhem is a cause of injury and mayhem as the cause of injury death, along with revealing video clip such an event in order to find more evidence with both investigations witnesses to find out the actual cause again.
-Read the news: Nurse Assistant restrain plan after stabbing a friend 1 1 officer hurt outage does not look down-hearted student.

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