Open the photo projects, luxury villages, tens of thousands of millions

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Open the photo projects, luxury villages, tens of thousands of millions
photo projects, luxury villages

photo projects, luxury villages

Open the photo projects, luxury villages, tens of thousands of millions. Thaiklai is the most eerie Manor cemetery.
A luxury mansion in village project in China after nearly 400 were left deserted village becomes most haunting, evocative of the shocker. Because all project funding is in the middle of the discarded dreams luxury sale price just abandoned villages in the country.

Many times, we tend to see the buildings, abandoned due to the construction is not completed because of several reasons. The important factor is the capital’s exciting quests! There are many construction projects that must be aborted because of the lack of investment per had to leave unfinished until the wastelands that kind of example projects the last country house project. The value lanklap from the tens of thousands of abandoned homes, fantastically persuaded became the largest in the country.

2559 Web site deli, August 17 email revealed that village project. Located on approximately 663,600 square meters. In Zhengzhou city, Henan, China. Our target is to create a luxury village, a total of 397 after falling back each price not lower than the 14.7 million Yuan approximately 76 million and if this construction project was successfully completed, it will be worth up to a total of 1.2 thousand million Yuan, or about 6.2 billion at the same time.
In addition, the luxury of such a project, also with good location because it is close to the Lake. Homeowners can have their own piers by year 2013-2014, the companies can then sell the home, after more than 200 millionaires. Fortunately, the pressure caused a big obstacle. When the construction violates the rules so this time several were suspended several times for the Government to order the with together until in the end it’s all money, capitalists and compressed, giving projects to 2015.


Of course, no one was interested in buying high-value projects, this luxury this property Manor and thus, were left to become a large abandoned villages, then to fear. As well as the source of the story haunted by … borue.

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