Taekwondo coach Sheri said Thailand might shock the eye area team

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Taekwondo coach Sheri said Thailand might shock the eye area team
Taekwondo coach Sheri said

Taekwondo coach Sheri said

Taekwondo coach Sheri said Thailand might shock the eye area team. After the World Taekwondo Federation deals
Sheri Taekwondo team coach said if Thailand does not imply nationality won the adult help Thailand to live like citizens. The World Taekwondo Federation contact point to assist the task.

When the news media reported that on August 23 2559 army Taekwondo athletes in Thailand. The 2016 Olympics bounty returned to Thailand with flight TG 911 suvarnaphumi airport from England, led by sister return to take tennis factory directly and Pak Wong pour m tevin brave defeat.

Brother Matt pour m Do not think that itself will be a medal, so no pressure, which grab the coins considered far exceed dreams. Next four years to develop itself in order to make gold.

Later, sister of tennis. Regrets that many missed the last 4 seconds until the off chance to attend final. After this will go streaking on 99 round Cadet chapon, Nakhon nayok.


While asssistant pimon srivikorn Taekwondo Association President authority of Thailand 2. disclose that the coin is considered successful by goals, and this is the first time that male athletes had Medal, which is four years ahead. This series will be the athletes master the following works.
Sheri section Yong Seok-Tae kwon do team trainers, Thailand. Revealed that the success this time make loosen the pressure. Now, he came to love the country 15 years country Thailand Thailand. I would like to have naturalized throughout Thailand but South Korea not to hold two nationalities then adult help in countries like Thailand, because their citizens are loving people, Thailand wants to have a home here and want to travel back to South Korea in order to find relatives.
The last Sheri coach. In other words, that he will be the national team coach for Thailand until the GA will not need, and also national team coach would never be again. However, the World Taekwondo Federation is calling from, to which the future will probably go to work helping to develop the sahaphan Taekwondo around the world, and if they don’t, nationality, Thailand may not be able to coach a national team, Thailand. Today, it’s like tomorrow, but if a citizen here, their will to live and died at Thailand.

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