Grandmother sold noodles 3 baht to 30 years-to fire no more price forever

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Grandmother sold noodles 3 baht to 30 years-to fire no more price forever
Grandmother sold noodles 3 baht 30 years

Grandmother sold noodles 3 baht 30 years

75 year old grandmother a year selling all kinds of noodles by 3 baht to 30 years to fire no more price forever. No matter the economic conditions?

When August 23 2559 reported that “Noodle Shop 3 baht.” In Rattanakosin road Muang District, Chiang Mai Province There are many customers into eating noodles is widely a flurry by her words, the sharing of light gold. The shop owner ages 75 years that now noodle menu with choices including pork, beef, water, waterfall, is the same price, but the price is high: 3 baht for the menu in the restaurant menu is the most yellow noodles. Sale at a price of 10 baht


She said the sharing of words when the customer list and then plugged the noodles according to the queue. When finished, it’s comforting to tell the number of noodle ordered to eat all of the cash register. Without counting the number of employees have only kept a bowl of clear desk only. Both these Her words allocated Specifies whether the economic conditions would not have to increase the price because they want to do their part in helping to save costs. By specific groups of students that do not have income which is today less cost then there is not much profit just feed itself, it satisfied.
Her words said that customers are allocated, all groups, all ages are mostly ordered noodle bowls, 10-20 each time not to order several times. Some of the large bowl with the same order, plus teens like groups and eating competition. Who ate the least are the ones paying only that is most people are eating alone, up to 40 Bowl.

The payment methods section. Her words allocated Specifies that the store will not have to count the number of. Her words, allocated to say since it opened shop. Agree that there are some people who are not honest. Say less than ordered, but it’s not because people care about this group. While some people were wrong, there is no intention to cheat.

Images and information from a workshop at Facebook, news, News-Workpoint point.


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