Hiring girls friend hand-cut-foot self insured but was arrested. Finally free of disability

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Hiring girls friend hand-cut-foot self insured but was arrested. Finally free of disability
Hiring girls friend hand-cut-foot self insured

Hiring girls friend hand-cut-foot self insured

Viet Nam girl trouble evoking the impression of heavy hiring a friend cut a hand & foot itself and then make a train, hoping to pedal remove margin 5.2 million has not finally something almost prison with.

When August 24 2559 site deli-mail. The disclosure report, Chuan NG is talking about issues very much in country Viet Nam now. When one of the girls, Viet Nam to suck on a superhero to employment insurance funds cut friends hand & foot itself but officials found dubious successor until know is her own plan. Finally, she even costly to fly a breathtaking completely dejected.

The report specifies that this story begins when an officer informed by a man named Don Van Dee stated that he accidentally discovered the body of a female strangers have mortal wounds, injuries are at near the railroad track in Hanoi of Viet Nam therefore are in a hurry to help immediately.
The report specifies that the name of the female players are age 30 years old, is Li-Jung, her heavy injuries. The hands and feet, lack of basic side understand that accidents, train pedal before delivered to the hospital.


But ultimately, later. Investigative unit staff found no doubt that Mr. exposed yesterday made good notice involved know Li Jung personally players also found that prior to the accident, a business of the Li-Jung faced financial problems, players too.

When is best to interrogate increasingly in Li Jung she players are squeaking against the police, but by the good that what happens to be in her plans. She hired Mr. van with cigarettes as good as the amount of money he cut 78,000 baht rail, her hands and feet, and then join the drama spoofs of agents to finance health insurance.

Such story became critics very seriously. Opinion of the social world lawiatnam indicate that this form is called cheating. In addition, she will not have the money to waste on both hands and feet. She may also want to get punished in jail too. She is not worth the risk.

Local media, however, Viet Nam has revealed that the police investigation is terminated, in order to remove the legal wrong that Karma has made its functions completely. She has become permanently disabled persons, which is considered the penalties be daunting enough already.

Cong An Nhan Dan, images from the (Vietnamese police).


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