Young, mental stress, addictive fishing friends fried chicken that crazy psychiatrist should guide

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Young, mental stress, addictive fishing friends fried chicken that crazy psychiatrist should guide
Young, mental stress, addictive fishing friends

Young, mental stress, addictive fishing friends

Young, mental stress, addictive fishing friends fried chicken that crazy psychiatrist should guide the dreaded therapy affect health.
Young stressed the post consultation drugs problem knows no good fried chicken, but don’t stop. Consult a friend find that crazy side psychiatrist advises should be treated. The dreaded war affect the body if eaten fried continuously. Pointer to a psychiatrist found not shame

From the case when your Muse fans 2559 August 28 Member site phanthip dot com has posted the story and asked how to solve problems with unusual eating habits from fried chicken type indispensable. Have to eat every meal. If you don’t eat, you’ll feel the suffering until the feeling that they could be addictive disease, fried chicken, so try searching and finding other activities, but it didn’t work. When facing the kitchen and sakrop consulting friends, is that crazy as follows.
“Syria is trying to BRO sana search find information on foreign. Found to be the same in this case.

I stick to the fried chicken was great.
Eat every meal until lang began feeling symptoms called addictive foods, which are fried chicken lol.
It’s time I do not eat enough and eat is so difficult to stop.

Trying to find an activity, then the guys working, quit the sport back then, sleep at night, but it startled awake, then driven away by the 24-hour shop to eat anyway.
This property has began to stress very much as drugs, fear itself is a mental disease.
Bother themselves very much. Not be physically here, but feel a soul wrapped in very withered.
Eat something other then the torture must eat, but fried chicken to walk it’s fried chicken to market it is fried chicken that is fried chicken.


Hate yourself so much. I am helpless to talk to at home, he does not understand we do, we talk funny. Consult your friends with people that we were crazy to go to the hospital, it does not know how to contact? Psychiatrist as a last resort? “

This is a team khaokra Pura, so user queries to the press, m.d, psychiatrists for the insane hospital Lucinda wilat is about Janet and khotkokrom mental health by getting a description of the matter, said that such cases may need to be divided into personal eating habits. Some people may prefer to eat fried’s behaviour is caused by eating large quantities of fried’s repeatedly which may affect health such as Hyperlipidemia has occurred or adversely affect other bodily symptoms, eat one type of service, which often do not eat to feel grumpy, it may be wrong or to stick to the diet. That in the past, it has quite a few citizens have similar problems, but such cases are the problems associated with either could not restrain himself. But it did not specify clearly which types of food go down. Those who stick to one kind of food until the impact our lives and spirit. Henan province. Because most will stick by categories, such as some people might stick to a bland diet or some people infected with it, etc.

By the way was the symptoms at a glance it may do basic could be good, but may change to eat something else. Then, gradually reducing the amount of fried and then slowly add other important villages into the food, but it is best to visit a doctor to get the best advice is to check your health and include in-depth inquiries, coupled with treatment so that better treatment.

This is for those who think themselves are symptomatic, addictive eating, or behavior similar to those cases don’t be shy to go see a doctor. Because of the current problems with mental health problems are seen quite a lot and is just one of the rok can maintain the problem. The new version, which currently is not afraid to come to the doctor already. Who is afraid of is considered a new generation looking because Chuck, it is normal, then?


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