Vs.! big bamboo forest disappeared in mysterious become corpses were snake death snatch

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Vs.! big bamboo forest disappeared in mysterious become corpses were snake death snatch
snake death snatch

snake death snatch

Set find shape big puzzle in a bamboo forest disappears. Sattahip, Chonburi vs. a snake distention is becoming the odd leg snatch up until death. Officials puzzled Distance from a point just 300 metres apology ceremony reiterated yesterday came at this point and then back?

From the age of 58 years, Mrs. Phimphan Phulotwip case, along with their five-man find asparagus in a bamboo forest adjacent to a camp South of unit (d. รฝ.) Sattahip, Chonburi, but back out just 4 people as Mrs., I got to get back disappeared without a trace despite the mobilization of over 100 officials, Mr. helps to find but also wireless clue. That relatives believed, must be something mysterious in the forest block, no eyes found it (read the news: a mysterious disappearance big clue! in the bamboo forest, 100 people is still not found, find bombardment believed exposed the snake gods fasteners).


The latest progress (September 7 2559), news media reported that previously the Queen’s granddaughter, I got to like symptoms were reaching while staying at the. Mon Sara. Symptoms of tumult, alternating with crying. Claiming that is the spirit of Mrs. PIM that comes into the body to a granddaughter to ask leading monks opened due to self, but is the owner of forest owner he was obscure, not camouflage, whom she found even invited the monks opened the forest owner so the owner of Forest Hill, protected forest, this property. So, I got to meet her options, whether it is dead or.
Subsequently, Police officer. -Austrian Government informed the search sets that have found Mrs. Phimphanlaeo, which became the burial is in the bamboo forest. Opening ceremony from Woods just 300 m funeral begins sluggishly lying face down is to the ground. The right shoes fall off damaged, revealing sharp canine traces 2 holes from the snake bite, snatch. It is anticipated that the snake venom tend to destroy the internal system until death. I have got to send a body to investigate Mrs hospital again.

However, officials assumed that the deceased would snake bite, it tries to rush assistance. But the fierce snake venom until the next run and subsequent death. But it is questionable why the batch search find body of such corpses were found. The search has been set via search, but is not found. However, after the funeral Residents said a mysterious thing, and confirm that no courage to keep the bamboo shoots in the forest.
Image from news agency, Thailand

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