To approach the police drunk driver who advocates a pickup lane gardens

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To approach the police drunk driver who advocates a pickup lane gardens
pickup lane gardens

pickup lane gardens

To approach the police drunk driver who advocates a pickup lane gardens!, smash a thunderous. Prior to the amazing escape.
The villagers chased the police pickup truck city, Phang-Nga, extraction, drunk driving, motorcycle Park Lane before ramming a sleek sedan 2 1 6 injury list before fleeing. With gathered calling for alcohol detection Ask for justice.

When the incident occurred at 22.00 p.m. September 9 2559 pickup Toyota. The gray half-steps registration number 7224 NGA driving motorcycle accident collision and one sedan cars, injured 6 cases in front of the offices of the regional water utility in Phang-Nga province before driving the car escaped, which has one of the corrupted drive a motorcycle Chase before shouts, the villagers help each extraction until the truck is in good condition, it could not be things crept into the sacred Temple sutthawat. Create a panic, with people who are organizing a Community charity funeral.

The audit found that drivers are police officers police force Division in Phang Nga is the smell of spirits is to approach public scrutiny until the UN in Urumqi who. Before the drivers are going to restrain the property. By a corrupt and villagers about 30 followers to call for making alcohol detection Chanaphep son, Pol. Lt. Col. Kinnaree. Subordinate employee a. Meung. NGA came out that litigation with the justice.

This is Mr. Panom Muntathum, age 9 years revealed that during their mother riding a motorcycle back from the market town of motorcycle in Phang Nga by having Mr. Arthit Thairaburi as stacking 2 daughter came back until it arrived at the scene, it was discovered that there was one truck driving Park Lane came to scrape, smash. Motorcycle 2 cars before driving a sedan bumped escape. Yon registration number 6334 Bangkok’s audited NISA Takayama tea Kelly. son aged 34 years and escaped their so hurry lift the motorcycle rides along.

Basics with a slightly injured three and is in the care of a physician. 3, which police have taken people to troublemaker measurement of alcohol at the. Nurse-NGA before further prosecution.

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