Shanghai Disneyland Park The whole truth is here

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Shanghai Disneyland Park! The whole truth is here


Appetizing Shanghai Disneyland finally opened! There must be a wave carries the expectations of the masses are going to have a look: what were the highlights of Park design? Entertainment good fun? Shop restaurant has a network so expensive? A trip to play exactly how much will it cost money? Tencent reporters during a test run in Shanghai Disneyland visits and interviews with several different professional visitors as much understanding of the truth of this door to Disney. Away, in bloom.
Before going to Shanghai Disneyland, what is the top priority? Buy tickets? Communications? Raiders? Or the next day! Gas! Pre! Report! Reporters visiting the Park on the day coincided with heavy rain, if you do not have their own rain gear, from any one transportation hub to the main entrance of the park were inevitably get wet. To enter paradise, shops sell good quality white raincoat behind their signs printed with Disney, raincoats for adults 50, children raincoat 40 Yuan.

Followed the navigation to drive to Shanghai Disneyland Resort, but lost their way in the resort area. Personal experience is: find the parking lot entrance, identity is not clear, ask the curbside security personnel, most of them are unable to give an answer. Here is a rather cookie-cutter, was stopped for an hour or all day, cars 100 Yuan, cart 120 Yuan.

The best transport option is to actually visiting the Disney: take the subway! Take Metro Line 11 line, Disneyland station is the terminal station, convenient to save money. 4th station is the subway station “wonderful road interchanges”, take the feeder bus to the resort, the main mode of transport in the bus Park. A bit disappointing is that here there is no similar to Hong Kong Disneyland train.
Because it has not formally opened, the main entrance ticket agents and sits, but online ticket has been opened. The legendary “day at 499, go back to eating”, in fact, a closer look at know, 499 was from June 16 to August 31 Grand opening-day ticket price for lease. September 1, Disneyland ticket prices will fall back to the standard day tickets 370 Yuan, two-day ticket 700 Yuan. Hong Kong Disneyland day adult ticket HK $ 539, two Japanese ticket HK $ 739. Data show that from China to Shanghai Disneyland package tour, free product reservation data, cost of 2280 Yuan per capita, including expenses for transportation, accommodation, tickets to visit.

Do not know is that day because of the weather, is due to test operation, admission ticket and the Security Department and not as packed. Screeners neat dress, with gloves, smiling and gently asked visitors to open their bags for inspection. Well, the service can make a perfect score. According to reports, the “staff after foreign teams here training, so will really smile. ”
Security process, reporters found self-timer lever to carry the admission is true! In fact, on the official website of Shanghai Disneyland and the Park Guide, clearly written note: visitors ages 16 and older must not wear cartoon, film, comic book character costumes or wearing face masks (except medical), wearing a face mask must not obscure his eyes; not with a large tripod, self-timer lever, folding chairs and stools.

Into the Park Gate, to do two things. Right hand side is the tourist service center, want to take a piece of paradise Guide, complete maps and practical information, Garden required! If you forgot to do? 6 out of 5 theme parks visitor centres are located. If accompanied by the elderly and the children, where the left-hand side is stroller and wheelchair rental, child 50 Yuan, wheelchair 40 Yuan, according to moms with a baby into the cut scenes, said, this service is currently does not require any deposit.
Finish these into the Park when you are ready, is not good enough! Logging in some corners of the Park, 4G signal is not completely covered, but Shanghai Disneyland no dead Wifi, no login page, without the password, there is no time limit. So get connected now! And so, Shanghai Disneyland tour is ready to go.

What’s the play? Chinese elements: Treasure Cove is China special

Although Disney is exotic, but feel free to Disneyland in Shanghai, was rushing toward the Chinese elements. Most children “12 friends Garden”, is based on the 12 Chinese zodiac animals to draw. This year is the Chinese monkey year, Disney’s representative character is Aladdin’s Monkey Abu.

Shanghai Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park

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