Interview with Gigi did producers regardless of money encountered a plain love

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Interview with Gigi did producers regardless of money encountered a plain love

Interview with Gigi

Interview with Gigi

Tencent entertainment special (video//Mao Yuqian/Xue Jianyu Zhang Chao)

At the Shanghai International Film Festival, interview with Gigi, as if painting where wind is wrong? Are you Gigi as a producer this time! She was making, but did not play nor sing movie of the summer of bubbles will release July 22. Said in interview with Tencent entertainment producer Gigi and her producers regardless of the money, she wanted to be a Director.
Gigi served as producer for the first time released on July 22, the movie summer of bubbles

This producer Gigi tube cherry helicopters but whatever money

Debut years, Gigi is primarily a singer, acting a lot, but as producer was the first time, she gave the first summer of the bubble, and why? Gigi is honest, when she entered the movies, content and team was almost nearly built.

She needs to worry about is that shooting was not the cherry blossom season, did later make up? Actor softlink helicopter is a little hard to find, how to solve? This seems to have and link budget, she said, “not mine.”.

Tencent entertainment: a first-time producer, why did you choose the summer of bubbles?

Gigi: in fact, at the time I entered, boss has decided to take Ming Xiaoxi of the summer of bubbles into a movie, then this is the boss started this scheme, then come to us to present it in front of the screen. When I came on board, in fact, we are quite confident, because the entire team is already pretty neat, that made some of the early meetings and decisions. I listen to the boss when it comes to movies of the summer of bubbles, I already had a look forward to, because the story itself is know the, but this is a classic love story. Certainly in a aspects,, also will has pressure, is because novel of success, and TV of cost, now movie version find has new to again interpretation this three a leads to everyone of love story, is hope to everyone fresh sense, while also hope ten years Qian of fans may now also find not to has, you again once to see this story of when, may you itself also more has some experience, you also change has, you with Dang when understanding love that direction also different has, also hope to that when of fans brings new of movie of version

Tencent entertainment: just say some decisions to be made, what is the most difficult?


Gigi: I think the aspects of, like clothing, and locations, and scene, and leads, these actually are is will combination in with on made whole movie of tones, so we in do decided of when, we must to keep we this love aesthetic of tones, so some is important of elements, say softlink of home, nobles School of scene, uniforms, or said is summer of home, actually itself novel inside has has very strongly of color to has these scene, and clothing and so on, so we of changes also not can too more. That we to do foot, but and do of more has movie sense of when, we on is thanks boss to we some money Shang of support, say a important elements is cherry, we in took of when is in no cherry of season, into said we props Shang also does not necessarily can do to everyone a very strongly of that romantic of feel, we on late to help about. Is a means of transportation, for example softlink helicopters like this, that the helicopter was not common, is the Deluxe version of that, it really is hard to find in the market, how are we going to solve it? This is also when the producer is going to solve the problem.

Tencent entertainment: actors don’t need to think about the budget, but a producer is a headache, right?

Gigi: the money is I, I discussed with you its effect, but the boss to us support is pretty big.

Newcomer just like white admission had never encountered extreme love

Film version in the summer of bubbles, who plays in addition to softlink Chung Him Law, actress Golden and “Luo XI” Yan Yuhao is new, as new producer Gigi but don’t worry, she thought, the couple is like a piece of white paper, instead of making viewers more engaged.

The two male leads of the summer of bubbles of art, a bully, she ever in the emotional life of boys like this? She said such extreme never met, their love is still full of light.

Tencent entertainment: the film’s three protagonists, in addition to Chung Him Law, are a fairly new new … …

Gigi: everyone are has as new of when, that new always need opportunities to performance himself, so we are think this once with new actually pretty for we wants to expression of way, because if find a well-known actor to played, actually everyone on that actor has has a established of concept with impression, but we of novel inside of which a role is so of strongly of when, into audience may no approach suddenly on input to movie of role among, so new on like a Zhang white as, People without an established image to them while watching the play, let you put all the better.

Tencent entertainment: in the field, will communicate with the three protagonists how to act?

Gigi: this was handed over to the Director, this is the Director’s skill, I feel that in the play, really shoot the Cancan very elegant, very beautiful, more handsome Zhong Qian, very expensive noble gas, which are directed on the lens used.

Tencent entertainment: two male lead character and style, have you ever encountered a similar situation?

Gigi: so extreme, have to encounter. Didn’t say the same time encountered such extremes of two choices in front of me asked me to choose, I love stories are pretty plain. But play this summer met the two men, if they can be turned into a perfect, but unfortunately, things are not so good in the world, so we can play you can play.

Interview with Gigi

Interview with Gigi

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