Suna no Tou Ep 6 Eng Sub Japanese Drama

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Suna no Tou Ep 6 Eng Sub Japanese Drama

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  • Kanno Miho as Takano Aki
  • Iwata Takanori as Kohei Ubukata
  • Matsushima Nanako as Yumiko Sasaki
  • Tanaka Naoki as Takano Kenichi
  • Yokoyama Megumi as Aso Hiroko
  • Tsuda Kanji as Aso Takefumi

Suna no Tou Ep 6 Eng Sub

Takano Aki is a happy, ordinary housewife whose family (sweet husband and two kids) has moved to their dream apartment. Just as they are starting their new life, they encounter an ominous, terrifying neighbour, Sasaki Yumiko, who manipulates the dark emotions of pride, vanity and jealousy of the housewives living in the apartment building. She drives Aki into isolation within the building with unexpected methods and eventually causes the break up of her family. Meanwhile, a series of abduction cases take place. There seems to be a connection to the kidnapper and the frightening neighbor.

Suna no Tou Ep 6 Eng Sub

Suna no Tou Ep 6

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