Head neck thick unqualified Look at Guo degang’s road to God

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Head neck thick unqualified Look at Guo degang’s road to God

Head neck thick unqualified

Head neck thick unqualified

Over the years, “God” Word, seems to be as long as it is slightly feminine beauty star, dares to his own body. Whether it is old or small meat, whether it is the tender tough guy or pretty boys, there is always a right for you.

However, even if is to the body, that’s routine! Upcoming reality show as an example of the mood for God, or you are a beauty, and American Idol for decades on behalf of the family, such as Lu Yi. Otherwise you are invincible youth, and have a bright future, little Miss Sunshine fresh meats, such as Jin Shengzhu. ↓
Or else don’t face, dare to release your own nature and don’t mind the gods followed by a word such as Jerry. Not hard to argue, and “God” the slightest, however! As an eclectic group of programs, they also invited Guo!
In the past, no one will face round a neck thick, and by the age, fat lot of Guo degang as both a man of God, but now the streets of Guo degang as both a male God, indicated in bold on the show love of female fans even stars can be a minority.

So, Guo degang, in this male God in an age of rampant, became gods team that is not the same as the Fireworks!

Next, we analyze in some aspects can Guo degang was called gods.

Face value: good was not to lose weight, do not believe see Guo qilin

To tell the truth, Guo yan, alone in the entertainment industry throughout the comic dialogue, also not. Say the younger generation such as Gao Xiaopan, Cao Yunjin crosstalk “little meat”, put it in the older generation, Guo degang, can not be regarded as “handsome”.

But early studies show that a person looks ugly, you see him for three months and will get used to it, we see old Guo had been for 20 years.

A few years ago a lot of people are talking about Lin and Guo degang was the same age! Wallace Chung and Guo degang age! Wu and Guo degang age! Even if later found to Guo degang, a year older than them, nor old Guo stood out to deny, but generous with Jimmy Lin photos and stories into jokes of netizens have talked about this many times, and made the audience laugh.
Most importantly, Guo degang, starting this year with a “killing machine”-his son Guo qilin. Since Guo qilin lose weight as a new generation of “national husband”, Guo degang self-deprecating his micro-blog the following message “daughter-in-law” how to count them myself. The daughter-in-law said: “my father-in-law is not weight loss, or good genes! Don’t know how gods! ”

Guo degang dares to Maitai your 20 years of professional comedians, open-minded, not only won’t abandon his face value will also let people see his face is somewhat festive and naturally score higher!

Taste: always walk in the forefront of trend of “King of the Givenchy”


Guo degang at dress sense should be known for youth alive, most typical is his off the beaten path, don’t learn those predecessors of crosstalk, wear a long gown shoes Walnut bead, but dare to challenge a variety of international brands! Also selected are not classic, choose the latest!
Even if the netizens were often brought and various runway supermodel and Idol Star “buyers show” and “the seller show” comparison, but still can not stop the Guo degang, step by step in a campaign to become “King of the Givenchy”, so ignore the eyes of beach-goers spirit, nature is God!

Yes, sure! Yes, sure! When you know Guo degang, you will find that almost 20 years, he has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry development.

When you cross the party weakened, he led a Comedy Club tickets commercial speech not only monopolize the large cross of ten years commercial speech, also a Comedy Club open to Australia.

When the nascent film industry’s rise, laughter, he gifted scholars and beautiful ladies and the founding of a Republic, such as film appearances, Comedy Club layout into the film industry.

When the rise of reality shows, Guo not only when the host, also love Yue Yunpeng, sesame seed and son Guo qilin into reality one helped popularize … …

It can be said that Guo degang seized the entertainment industry changes each time the key moments, comic dialogues of the ancient form of art with the latest communication into the young man. How many thought cross some “native” generation, and after the all by Guo degang like crosstalk.
From grassroots supporters to step into comic star, along the way, Guo degang did not know was how many people revile came. Guo degang that year first became popular, occupy the limelight of “famous” performers to its extreme despise, shouted, “cross over”. After all these years, Guo became a representative figure of the cross, and those you don’t see his comic dialogue “masters”, was abandoned by viewers. Is one inspirational counter attacks of his own textbook, successful man away from the path of God and certainly not too far away.

Now facing surging public opinion of the online world in the entertainment, how many artists pick up the tail of a man, just to make a good impression in the public mind, for seniors, peers is courteous, for fear of offending someone, zinner. However Guo degang straight heart, a word not just “writing” unique, and Guo degang and popular Zhou, who ironically Guo “Earth”, “How can eating garlic and drinking coffee together? “Guo degang dares to choke back:” Mr Chau How do you know I love coffee? I love coffee, sprinkle a little garlic on top. ”

Only in terms of nature, in this increasingly pay attention to “real” entertainment, natural powder of countless. Of course, because it’s so, Guo degang is no less offensive, and even a little hand. When Jiang Kun criticized Guo degang is the crosstalk show, “three indiscriminate”, Guo Jiang Kun was not only open satire “eunuch called brothel”, but also repeatedly mocked in the performance arena.

Head neck thick unqualified

Head neck thick unqualified

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