Your man shenfushanya governance, we have interviews for you to

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Your man shenfushanya governance, we have interviews for you to

Your man shenfushanya

Your man shenfushanya

Tencent entertainment special (text/who) fushanyazhi watching Idol is a heavy burden of the people. The hunting boot has a microscopic opening ceremony, a group of people smashed wooden wine barrel-wood covered “mirror”, hit the “on” moral luck. When fushanyazhi came to power a little bit cold, “you don’t know” kind of cool, hit smash up, the mirror drive laugh when using innocent-he soon realized it immediately recovered an Idol should have, the standard look at the camera smiling.

Early Japanese drama audiences may remember him under the same roof, brother of James, the younger generation might be easier to think of his ‘ Detective Galileo ‘. Survey Japan women that male artists–that can refer about all possible relationships–he is always on the list, sometimes even bully list nail for decades. In this round of publicity before, on a piece of news about him is “fans into Fukuyama Masaharu Mansion”.

His influence even into the second element, Doraemon new theatrical releases in the fall of Idol called Fukuyama Masaharu Kamei–this may indicate, Shizuka is just an ordinary Japan female fushanyazhi–personally sound for this character. Cartoonist TADA smoked Irie Naoki was the prototype of his creation–the remake version now so much is an important IP-and into the river’s first actor Takashi Kashiwabara, publicly admitted he is Francis Fukuyama’s powder.

Of course, reason tells us that fushanyazhi was not as he looks, with a sense of cold and condescending elite role, at least in his own radio, is a frequent sex jokes keep ordinary men. But when it appeared at the launch of the hunting boot, from head to toe in black, unsmiling, looks a wide berth. Sitting behind him was photographed by the journalist a smacks him on the photo, is sensitive to the broker to stop and remove in a timely manner.

After the press conference, interview with Fukuyama Masaharu Tencent entertainment. But the first answer, he unexpectedly, relax said: “I’m almost 50 years old man. “Good idols burden Fukuyama June?
Not good at vacations, can’t refuse John Woo

Tencent entertainment: join now a Chinese team of crew Classic adaptation of shoot, you play an important role in Japan cast, feel the pressure?

Fushanyazhi: takes just a day (laughs), so rather than pressure, but my feeling is that this work and the filming itself: from countries around the world, speaking English and Japanese language cast members to come together and work in order to complete a work, which I am very excited. Pressure is always there, but I’m 50 years old man (laughs), the encounter was also excited by their pressure of work is happiness.

Tencent entertainment: you are not a prolific actor, does this mean that folk have a certain standard or requirement? Like have said to make you feel excitement or something?


Fushanyazhi: for me personally, pick play works, do you want to cooperate with the works should be the most important determinant of it. Of course, in addition, the work plays and original work if I want to watch–even if it’s just me, as an ordinary viewers or readers want to see–it is also important in terms of influencing factors.

Tencent entertainment: it is said that John Woo in order to convince you to play the role, came to Japan to invite and discuss the script, and finally how do you be persuaded?

Fushanyazhi: this may have misunderstood, not only is John Woo came to Japan, I had the Director’s invitation to visit Beijing to meet with him. In my opinion, as is John Woo invited me to play, I don’t have any reasons for the refusal. Director John Woo’s work I have seen, he had had a vision in which he described world debut appeared in, so this (cooperation) really became a reality and really surprises me.

Tencent entertainment: 2013 you had cooperated with Director John Woo for advertisements, this years think Director has changed?

Fushanyazhi: before working with Director John Woo is a commercial advertisement, and so is a lot of shooting rules and the premise of the commercial itself, it is with the goal of giving publicity to the commodity. This subject is depicted by Director John Woo himself, full of sensual world of the imagination, so I hope this to be required by the Director to perform and performance. When I work with Director John Woo talks about content and role when Director once told me that “there is this feeling, this role is such a meaning”, and so on, and I also feel very broad imagination of Director John Woo, this creative makes me really hard.

Tencent entertainment: Fukuyama played vector village Police Department and previous versions of the same role what is different?

Fushanyazhi: Director John Woo said to me, compared to the versions before yuantianfangxiong the teacher appeared in vector village Police Department, I hope I can play emotions more exposed more directly. In previous versions of vector village police department may be the age of reason, emotion is more restrained, people are not so easy to detect his heart.

Tencent entertainment: you are a versatile entertainer, singing, acting, Chair, photography and other fields have achieved great success, said that many areas are good, that you are not good at the field?

Fushanyazhi: no, no, really I’m flattered. There are some. Because I basically is engaged in activities related to the performing arts and entertainment, so in addition to things like a good vacation just isn’t something I’m good at something. If all of a sudden get a vacation, how to take advantage of this holiday season, let yourself rest for such things, feeling really can’t imagine it (laughs), because it really is very good at.

Your man shenfushanya

Your man shenfushanya

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